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Health Innovation West presents:

That Human Touch

This podcast showcases some of the cool things happening in West Sweden - and the amazing people making them happen. It's about life science, health innovation and that special human touch.

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Episode 1


Matti Ahlqvist

Executive Director for AstraZenenca Gothenburg

Matti shares his perspective on why the health innovation system in West Sweden is a cool place to be right now.

Episode 2


Maggie Holme

Assistant Professor Chemical Biology at

Chalmers University of Technology

Maggie describes the journey that brought her to
West Sweden and provides insights into working
on a national life science initiative involving close academic and industry collaboration. 

Episode 3


Kristina Levan

Project Manager, Region Västra Götaland

Kristina shares her perspectives on the opportunities & challenges to bring ATMPs to the patients that need them. This episode also features Mia Ekdahl (AstraZeneca’s HealthWorks) and Jenny Almkvist, (Regional Development for Life Science at Region Västra Götaland).

Episode 4


Boubou Hallberg

CEO, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Boubou discusses the exciting challenges of healthcare transformation​ and reconciling short-term financial constraints with the long-term vision for Sahlgrenska to be Europe's leading university hospital by 2032.

Episode 5


Mikael Kubista

Scientist and entrepreuner

Mikael discusses strategies for attracting external investments, navigating innovations in healthcare systems, and updates on his journey post-Tataa Biocenter. He also reflects on the life science ecosystem in West Sweden and beyond. 

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